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WP3BM 6 Meter Repeater Homepage

This site is devoted to Ham Radio, specially, 6 meters.

Here you will find information about our repeater, local happenings, etc...

This site is in constant, growth, so, keep on checking!

Six Club
Home of the 6 meter operators. Plenty of information about the band, plus many other things!
Six Club


Conditions Open for South America! more...

Repeater Information
Frequency: 51.620 MHz, Offset is -0.5 MHz, CTSS 136.5 Hz
This repeater operates in split site mode. The transmitter is located at KP4KSL (449.650 MHz) Repeater site. The receiver is at WP3BM's QTH.
Radios: XMTR: Motorola Mitrek @50 watts
RECV: Motorola Maxar 80
Controller: CAT 1000
Links: 449.650 (KP4KSL), Echolink (KP4KSL-R)
Antennas : Ringo AR-6, Diamond DGPH-62

Aerial Photo:
This is an aerial photo from of the transmitter site.
San Rafael States, Hato Tejas, Bayamon, P.R. FK68

See more Photos at the photo page!

Discussion Board
This link allows you, as visitors to my site, to ask and answer questions about, maintenance, and technical details.